Friday, February 02, 2007

Third Organic Gathering

Hello Friends,
The 3rd organic Gathering is meeting tomorrow at 2 p.m. for the very first time. Woo hoo. That is really awesome news. Please pray for the leader, Ben, and all of the new OGers. They are meeting on campus at the college where they attend.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Th3 Waters blog has moved....

Well what are you waiting for...delete this blog from your RSS reader and go to:

And then just wait until the website is will blow you away! God is moving in Th3 Waters...come on in us gets wrinkly! :)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Th3 Waters & God

God is moving in th3 Waters: this last weekend we had th3 Waters Core Leadership Team monthy meeting, and I wish that everyone could be there for these times of visioning and prayer. The folks on this team could definitely use your prayers, as they are the 'core' of the leadership for Th3 waters:
Kathy Lee

We had a half a day to share about our dreams for this amazing experiment called Th3 Waters. How people's lives are being changed one at a time. How God is moving us each to do 'be' different because we've been a part of this experiment.

One of the things that we talked about was prayer strategies and I (Tiffany) shared how this blog is a definite thing that I had felt God leading me to do for the prayers of th3 Waters. I really do think that God is positioning people to really buckle down and pray for this ministry as we begin the next chapter in this rollercoaster, or should I say tidal wave! So I want all of you cyber prayer warriors, that you may never know the impact of your prayers, but that God IS at work and your prayers are a huge part of His work. Blessings.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Blessed Thanksgiving and God bless us everyone!

Thank you all for your support, love, and prayers! Th3 Waters would not be anything with out you all! Thank you and God bless yall!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Prayer guide for Th3 Waters

OK, for those of you who are praying for the Organic Gatherings, here are the names of the folks in the Monday night Gathering that meets at the Pub in Crestview:

(and a few others who have visited)

OH, and pray for Alicia, the Organic Discussion leader for this group. Actually, to be more precise, she is the FIRST Organic Discussion leader to lead a group!!!! This is really really exciting. Please be in prayer for her and this awesome Gathering.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What is going on around here?

Hello everyone let me give yall a short explanation.

Ok So I realized that I was allowing this blog to consume my thoughts and worry! I was worring so much about updating a blog that I was not gettig the other work that I needed to do I decided that I would just take a break here and get some work done...and it has worked...almost too well, much so that this place has not been updated by me in a long time...and for that I apologize! But here is the good news.... Th3 Waters is going so very well! Things are happening fast and slow in other areas...but the main thing is that they ARE HAPPENING and for that we are so thankful to God for all the blessing he showers upon us especially in this season of thanks! Both the first and second OGs are going great and it looks like we might be starting our first OG in a different geographical location soon around the campus of KY Western University! Also, there are 2-3 OGs in the works that will be primarily made up of people within thew walls of Florence UMC. This ministry it seems might be causing ripples back into the church that is supporting Th3 Waters!!1 this is wonderful news...but Florence UMC while supporting us in prayer and financial ways has not got to experience it and for that to happen we must give them opportunities to experience this amazing ministry! Please keep all of these in your prayers.


Also, the website is almost up and going...and you will know when it is because when you type in it will send you there, heh.... for now we are just going to put up a non-moving site that will be fully functional...and then slowly as they get the movement up and going will be inserted into the site to make it even more amazing that it already might please pray for The guys doing the site and you will know when it is up and going!


Who is that person putting up posts on here that is not D.G.? Ha Ha Ha....well that is my wife and fellow sojourner Tiffany Hollums! Tiffany is on the Core Leadership Team for Th3 Waters and she has graciously decided to join me in putting up blog posts here to update yall on the prayer needs for Th3 leave her a comment of two letting her know your thanks...but even more please pray for the things she posts!


We are also looking at starting a few prayer cell groups to meet on a regular basis that will gather specifically for praying for Th3 Waters and Florence UMC! How cool is pray for the praying people, ha ha ha ha.....


Well until then please know how much we love you for reading this blog and praying and supporting Th3 Waters! You are blessing the Kingdom of God more than you will ever know! (Well maybe someday you will know, heh)

In the between times of updates to this blog (I will attempt monthly updates...not including Tiffany's updates) please visit D.G.'s personal blog for humor, and general craziness! Until the next time God bless yall, thank you sooooo much, and KUTPs!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Th3 Waters prayer update

Hello faithful Waters friends! This week we are asking you to pray for the first Organic Gathering folks who have been meeting for a little over a year at Rookwood Starbucks. God is really working in amazing ways and true community is forming more and more each week. Here are the names to be praying for:
John and Sylvia
Kim and Steve
Michelle and John
Brandon and Kelli
D.G. and Tiffany
Courtney and Kelly

and continue to pray for the visitors who have come a few times and those who are yet to come to this organic gathering.